Automating your procurement process and giving you control of your business


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A Fresh Approach to Group Purchasing

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Automating your procurement process and giving you control of your business

We offer a smarter approach to purchasing. Group purchasing power provides higher quality products at a significant savings. Today there is a greater need to lower costs and improve margins, knowing that pressures have only increased with healthcare reform provisions and increased labor to deal with increased regulations. We help meet and exceed those margins.
The Smarter Approach to Purchasing
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Purchasing System – Complete Commerce Automation Solutions

TPG’s a web based ordering, inventory, and formulary management system gives you total control of all purchasing. Updating formularies and creating order guides can be done in real time. A number of reports can be accessed immediately including GL segment spend, GL coding and purchasing history.

Benefits include:

  • Forcing compliance with contracted items & vendors
  • Eliminating coding errors and AP data entry
  • Ensuring every location is taking advantage of your purchasing program
  • Eliminating costs of hidden freight charges
  • Automating invoice processing and streamlining GL coding process
  • Eliminating paper invoices, spend downs and PO processes
  • Interfacing with incontinence software to ensure proper sizing
  • Reducing labor in business office and accounting
  • Taking advantage of corporately chosen vendors & products
  • Controlling formulary selections in real time
  • Interfacing with all major accounting softwares
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Dietary Solutions

Dietary Solutions

Our dietary solution is a complete Menu Management Software encompassing Menu, Tray Card, Clinical and Supply Management. Accessible from any internet connection, it allows you to be compliant while being flexible with your menus as residents demand. With access to hundreds of recipes, weekly menus can be customized to meet residents’ needs immediately. LEARN MORE


  • Two menu cycles per calendar year with product selections for each with vendor codes
  • Menu changes are automatically spread across diet orders updating both the regular menu and alternate menu sets
  • Automatic integration to the Tray Card/Spreadsheet system – Change a menu item and the tray card/spreadsheet changes automatically
  • Supplement Usage Manager that generates reports that include: names, diet orders, supplement orders, IBW’s, UBW’s and BMI’s
  • Integration with PCC
  • Integration with census and ordering systems prohibits overbuying and waste and frees up manager time and inventory tracking
  • Real time dashboard for dietary PPD’s and budget variances

Menu Program

  • Designed by Dietician and Chef
  • Spring/Summer cycle, Fall/ Winter cycle
  • Fully developed recipes with the ability to customize to your taste
  • Integration with Optima Solutions
  • Integration with PCC
  • Different levels of menus to match your dietary budget

Purchasing Card Program

  • Real-time spend with GL coding
  • Eliminate petty cash at buildings
  • Manage employee business and travel
  • Eliminate paper invoices
  • Integrates with Procurement Partners
  • Automate the AP side of petty cash
Purchasing Card Program
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