Automating your procurement process and giving you control of your business


The Purchasing Group

Group Purchasing

We offer a smarter approach to purchasing. Group purchasing power provides higher quality products at a significant savings. Today there is a greater need to lower costs and improve margins, knowing that pressures have only increased with healthcare reform provisions and increased labor to deal with increased regulations. We help meet and exceed those margins. Benefits of the program include:

  • Focusing on your top dollar spend items
  • Guaranteeing pricing contracts with national suppliers and manufacturers
  • Reducing costs on the supplies you purchase every day and improving resource utilization and reducing overall cost of care
  • Realizing savings of 18-26% over non-CMA pricing
  • Improving resource utilization and reduce the overall cost of care
  • Formularies are focused on the best quality, cost effectiveness, and taking the research out of your manager’s hands providing valuable time and resources for resident interactions